Add The Aesthetics to Your Home.

When building your dream home you chose everything carefully. You want your house to look just perfect and take every precautionary measure to protect it from every possible danger. There is one such product which fulfills both purposes.

Why do you need skirting?

1. Finished look Skirtingboards not just protect the walls of the house but also act as a decorative element. Can you even think how incomplete your floor and walls will look without the skirting board? Skirting is a minor yet very essential in giving a finishing touch to the house. The best part about good quality skirting is that it effortlessly merges with the interiors of the house and also highlights the floor, all the more.

2. Visual impact when you match the skirtingboards to your floor it merges perfectly with the floor. Also, it gives a visual of a larger room. Two same sized rooms, with similar interior were shown to 5 different people. The only difference was of absence skirting in one room. They were asked which room is bigger in size. All 5 of them commented that the one with the skirting is definitely bigger in size than the other one. Later, they were surprised to know that both the rooms were of exactly same dimensions.

3. Hide the wiring another creative use of skirting has been implemented by the architects. They try to conceal the wiring of the house by skirtingboards. All the wiring is made to reach from one corner to another from under the skirting board. This also prevents the wiring from coming in direct contact with the furniture and keeps them under cover. Any water leakage doesn’t come in contact with the wirings thus preventing a short circuit.


Thus, skirting adds an aesthetic charm to the house. Its colors and designs add an element of finesse to the walls.